Podcast: How Nest Bedding Delights Customers In Stores

Podcast: How Nest Bedding Delights Customers In StoresHighlights from this Total Retail Talks Podcast

  • Total Retail’s Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviewed Nest Bedding’s CEO Joe Alexander about the high-touch service the mid-market retailer offers customers across all sales channels including their 13 physical locations.
  • With an annual revenue of $25 million and roughly 30 employees, Alexander launched the family-owned business in 2012 having zero experience selling mattresses.
  • Nest Bedding aims to stand apart from other brick-and-mortar mattress stores by understanding the emotions associated with selling mattresses and dismissing the balloons and lights that have littered stores nationwide for too many years.

“I find nice people and teach them how to sell because it’s very difficult to hire salespeople and teach them to be nice.” – joe Alexander, CEO of Nest Bedding

Our Take

  • The upheaval in the $14 billion mattress industry caused by companies like Purple and Casper in the last few years clearly indicates how a stale customer experience can be enhanced and flipped into serious sales. Buying a mattress was anything but an experience; it was a chore.
  • Understanding how personal selling a product like a bed is, Nest Bedding presents a boutique in-store setting that is welcoming and one where the customer experience is paramount. Alexander’s team understands that selling a bed is truly one of the most emotional experiences a consumer can have.
  • Establishing and keeping an emotional connection with consumers is one way smaller retailers can consistently outperform the big boys. Mattress chains like Sleepy’s aren’t necessarily known for their superior customer service, and challenger brands like Nest Bedding have stepped in to point out that selling beds is far different than selling commodities.
  • To show customers the store experience is all about them and not just about making the register ring, the sleazy store salespeople have been replaced at Nest Bedding with store associates called ‘Nestologists’. The emotional tug carries over to Nest Bedding’s website, which has the design appeal of a luxury car manufacturer’s site.
  • Legacy and upstart retailers who recognize the distaste millennial shoppers have for the traditional retail experience are seeing their bottom line grow.

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