How Google’s URL Inspection Tool Aids Ecommerce Teams

How Google's URL Inspection Tool Aids Ecommerce TeamsHighlights from this Internet Retailer Story

  • Internet Retailer’s April Berthene¬†succinctly summarized how Google’s new URL Inspection Tool benefits retailers
  • Available to everyone after a beta phase, all retailers can use the free feature to learn: if Google has indexed a URL, if a URL has problems, improvements that can be made on a page, and more

Our Take

  • Google is continually uncovering ways to become a go-to resource for retailers. The new URL Inspection Tool further cements Google as an ally to retailers of all sizes,¬†particularly those on the rise. Since plenty of mid-market retail teams are strapped for resources including agency or marketing partners, site optimization tools,¬†and specialists, Google is becoming somewhat of a team member through its Search Console and other features.
  • Leveraging Google itself to learn how Google “feels” or views a website is something many retailers have been wishing for. Although not a full replacement for SEO/SEM professionals, this tool will be useful to smallish teams and team members who make changes to a site and don’t have the time to wait on an agency partner to review a page and provide feedback on how to spruce it up for Google.

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