Looking to be seen by midmarket retailers? Midmarket Ecommerce (MMEC) is the only online publication and news network dedicated to supporting the modern needs of retailers in the midmarket.

We asked midmarket retailers what they want from a news publication and delivered the goods, including a weekly wrap-up video with journalists and other experts, daily podcast sharing trending news we’re watching, a vendor directory catered to the midmarket, and can’t-miss weekly newsletter.

Our seasoned staff’s understanding of what midmarket retailers are after in terms of content and frequency is unparalleled because we’ve worked on your side.

John Forberger
John’s ecommerce start began at age 17 buying and flipping goods on eBay. He’s worked in-house and agency side with brands as well as service providers – both B2C and B2B – to help meaningful parties (consumers, industry, media) understand their stories and offering. For 4 years, he was the Communications Manager at WebLinc, a global ecommerce software company, working alongside hundreds of midmarket retailers. He recently launched Forberger Communications, the only B2B PR firm offering public relations services to retail vendors/partners including SaaS companies, ecommerce businesses, and others.